3DConnexion settings problem

I found the XML file where the defaults are held and changed the default to Object Mode. Rebooted, opened Rhino, checked 3DConnexion settings: now defaulting to Object Mode. Yippee! Went to use Spacemouse and all movements are reversed. Closed Rhino, set default back to Target Camera. Rebooted, restarted Rhino, checked default back to Target Camera, Yes. Back to Spacemouse: movements still reversed. Change 3DConnexions app setting to Object Mode. Movement back to normal and continues running in Object Mode after Rhino restart, but settings back to showing Target Camera.

I think that’s the only sane conclusion: it is confusing.

May someone please fix all this…

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Have you tried is this fixes the issue? 3Dconnexion mouse controls are reversed in WIP (compared to Rhino 6) - Serengeti (Rhino WIP) - McNeel Forum

Do you see the problem I mention that the settings in the app do not stay on Object Mode? Navigation is to Object Mode in the _SpaceMouse _popup settings

I was in contact with Oliver Seyding / 3Dconnexion… A developer was able to reproduce the problem in Rhino 7 and they are going to search for the problem in the software. A bug has been opened (WIN-860)

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That sounds great Martin. Glad are sticking with it. —-Mark

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