3dConnexion for GH! ... somehow

No, sorry, no updates.
I did this only for testing/challenge/boredom and proof of concept.
It is probably the perfect example of a bad implementation: it uses a “decoy” viewport to capture the 3dmouse inputs, it never uses the proper library from 3dconnexion. Worst efficiency, highest level of abstraction, errors like the one @tay.othman comment are expected and something worse might happen.

I personally never use it, I prefer move the GH canvas by mouse while simultaneously I’m able to move in the 3d space in the rhino viewport (like in other situations, like opening the option panel, or during a windows selection, 3dmouse still works!!)

I know way bigger (and much more expensive) 3d software that didn’t had a proper 3dconnexion plugin for long time.
We are lucky we have it for Rhino, we even have 2 options: the one shipped inside rhino installer, which is simpler and lighter (I prefer this one), and the one that results with the installation of the 3dmware driver (kind of different, have its own software that starts on pc boot… etc… ).

People who uses 3dmouse with rhino is already a small(?) percentage of rhino users, GH users are another small portion of total rhino users, the amount of people using Rhino(1), Grasshopper(2), having a 3dmouse(3) and wanting to use it for grasshopper(4), is probably very very small.
Who would want put effort in that? :sweat_smile:
It’s understandable if there are no follow ups…

btw, SDK is here Join the Software Developer Program at 3Dconnexion you just need to register…
The SDK works with the libraries installed by the 3dmware driver.