3D Voronoi Network

Hello, i am new to grasshopper and i want to create a 3D voronoi network, i have attached the files because its a bit difficult to explain.

I made a 3D voronoi, scaled each cell by 70 from each of the centres
I used the boundary box to solid difference a 90% scaled cell

but i want to create holes on each surface to make it a more porous object. such that each voronoi cell is “visible” from the opposite parallel cell.

I have managed to scale down each surface but how do i solid difference it to the opposite surface?
I have made an example manually but since i need to do this multiple times i would like to find a solution with grasshopper.

1.gh (27.5 KB)
1.3dm (4.2 MB)


Looks like you are almost done already…

1_reV1.gh (37.4 KB)

Thanks so much! i knew i was close but i was stuck at that step for hours. thanks for your help!