3D View Freezing Grasshopper


I am developing a somewhat straightforward script in Grasshopper and trying to display it in a HumanUI window using 3D Views however it is freezing Rhino and Grasshopper under certain circumstances.

I have a python script which generates a layout of an apartment (5 rectangles representing rooms - four different layouts each in a seperate tree branch). Extruding these rectangles and adding the extruded geometry to 4 separate 3D Views is no issue. However if I explode these rectangles, and modify them, and then extrude them again, it freezes Rhino and Grasshopper.

In both cases the geometry being added to the 3D view are surfaces that have been extruded from lines or polylines.

The program only seems to freeze when I attach a boolean toggle to the Launch Window component. The issue occurs on multiple computers.

Is there any idea what the issue might be or a solution?



That doesn’t seem like anything that should be an issue. Can you post your definition? When you explode, modify, and extrude then again, are you feeding an update through “set 3d view” or are you recreating the whole window (feeding new geometry to create 3d view)?