3d sketching in rhino? check it out

@theoutside - can you give a quick overview of your workflow as you sketch the car? Are you drawing in 2d from the top, side, front, etc. views and then moving the lines in 3d space?

yes, as I develop something more repeatable and reliable, I will put together a quick video. I’m still sorting out what this is and what it could be, if anything.

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how do you set the overshoot at the ends?
that´s essential in design drawings…

just shut off all your snaps and let er rip-

sry i don t understand…
i didn t extract any curves nor sketched, just used it on some solids and srf…
it seams to work with isocurves and edges as well… damn good! was always waiting for sometining like this…

i mean it would be really nice to have a setting there!!

oh I see, you are doing the dup edge trick… ATM there is no setting for extended lines, short of using extendcrv manually.

oooooh, neat!!
I’ll check it out tomorrow at the office! looking forward to waking up tomorrow:)

understood, only way to get that ATM is to dupe edges, then use the extendcrv tool to manually extend the duplicated edges.

How smooth is the experience while drawing? Since Rhino is in the habit of staggering a bit on first input.

smooth here, if you are seeing staggers, we need to look at your graphics hardware and driver sitch…

more playing, a little better sketch and some thinking about what a toolbar could look like.

model attached if you want to play-
oneview works great to have a dynamic cplane for sketching in different cplane orientations- (remember ctrl+shift to snap in and out of ortho modes)

TestObjectLinetype or `TestLayerLinetype commands** is what you need to run in v8 to get the curves to appear tapers, this will not work in v7

subd loft works nicely to start skinning parts.

sketchy 2.3dm (118.2 KB)


I’m in!
I was dreaming this features since years (pen sketching in 3D).

I would add a special gumball for Cplane or a new shortcut/key combination for moving/ritate/align Cplane with gumball (CNTRL+ALT?)

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Just tried, it works on polysrfs too.

Hi @theoutside
Does the testfancycurves works on Mac? … the panel opens with all the settings, but I’m unable to figure out how to make it work. WIP 8.0.21341.12306 [updated just now along with the OS]
thanks a lot

here’s a quick video on what I’m messing with atm in this space… everything is subject to change and your input-

EDIT: use TestObjectLinetype or TestLayerLinetype commands to see tapered curves


I believe I only got this working under metal on Mac so you would also need to run TestMetal to enable metal display

this is a cool way to use it, although not what I had originally envisioned… My original intent was to draw lighter 3d wireframe that could be used as a basis for a 3d model.

But, this is why I love the way we develop stuff here at mcneel…you folks always come up with new ways to use the tools and that pushes us to look outside our current thinking.

instead of doing this as a 4 view drawing (4 separate drawings) , could you do it in 3d (one drawing) and be able to spin it and evaluate it in sketch form?

Thanks @stevebaer

So it is strange as I did tested it with Metal on, [before posting the question.]
I’m on an Intel [2013 MBP macOS 11.6.1] if that makes a difference?
Following the setting suggestion from @theoutside new sketching video.


Hmm… I guess this isn’t working on Mac yet. I probably don’t have metal checking on the test command’s flags.

I told Kyle it is ok to share this test command, but remember this is really only for testing and is being used to work through ideas on new ways to draw geometry. I don’t expect it to ever become an official command in Rhino as these types of properties would most likely need to be added to individual pieces of geometry instead of some big hammer global toggle.

This is incorrect. Metal works on non-M1 Macs

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