3D Sketching App

You may have already seem this but thought I would post it here anyway. I just installed the beta version and it looks pretty cool.

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That’s a program for the iPad, right? Looks interesting!


Yep iPad. Right now it export out IGES surfaces and curves, which you can bring into Rhino.

Ok, maybe I have to get an iPad then… Is it intuitive to use (I mean the software - not the iPad)? How does it "feel?"
Thanks :smiley:


Hi Philip,
Have you tried using umake on a ipad? How is it working for you?

Hi Paul

Nope - I did buy an iPad Pro (10.5") a couple of months ago and also got the pro version of Shapr3d. It’s a very interesting and intuitive app, but perhaps not quite ‘there’ yet - but it’s getting better all the time. It’s of course a different experience modelling on the iPad (with the Apple pencil) compared to Rhino on a desktop computer.


do you know if Adobe offers anything like this?

Not that I know of, no.