3D scanning interiors

Hi, some time back someone posted a link in the old newsgroup for a 3D scanner that could scan a whole room. (I think it was Heath Satow but might be wrong about that) Can anyone help me with this?


this looks like the original post:

Heath linked about the Microsoft Kinect at the time, being used for scanning. Structured light scanning has come along a bit further since then. There are more than a few companies that have licensed the technology and are pumping out scanning specific tools.
It has its limitations like anything, but depending on what you are looking for it can be a very good quick way to scan environments.

Thanks Robert, I didn’t realise I could search the old forum.


I just came across a couple of other resources that might be of interest:

Guys at ETH Uni in Switzerland have created an app for 3D scanning with a smart phone:


And there is a crowd-funded commercial tool for use with an Ipad that is available for pre-order:


Thanks for that, Occipital looks fantastic.