3D scan of shiny reflective, large outdoor objects, namely yachts and motorboats

Has anyone had success scanning yachts and powerboats in an outdoor enviroment?
We have trialled many different platforms over the years without success.

Photogrammetry can be useful although it has similar limitations of laser scanning. Shiny surfaces and smooth surfaces with no texture are problematic. Texture can be changes in color on an otherwise smooth surface, or surface roughness.

Shadows are another issue … ideally images should have minimal shading, just enough to show any surface roughness. This means additional lighting is often required (where possible). Some applications can compensate for shadows to some extent but it is better to get images with close to even illumination when captured.

One technique I have not tried yet myself is noise projection to aid in capturing smooth surfaces without texture. There is some discussion over on the AGI Photoscan forum for more info.

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Thank you Richardz and cdordoni.
We’ve been looking for an answer for over 10 years and presently have to use a device called a Proliner which uses a touch probe and is far from ideal.
What we want is a full scan.

You tried Leica Geosystems’ 3D scanners and software? They’re very good with reflective architecture and their software is awesome.

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Thank youLagom. I am going to research all the recommendations that have been posted.

I’ve worked with large scale mirror finish stainless steel (I know your pain). These don’t give you a full scan, but they are accurate and nice to work with:

It is a similar work-flow to using a Faro Arm (touch probe) though.

My experience with Laser Scanners (Faro sales demo) has shown them to fail on shiny steel (but it captured everything else nicely). Have you tried them? I could see where a glossy gel coat might not be ideal for them.

Thank you Tom, I will look into the Omnitrac tonight.