3D scale fail

F33125.3dm (6.3 MB) I’m importing .dwg files that were created using SAE units

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but after import the objects are stupendusly large.

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So I drew a reference curve set to try and scale the items but they are coming out wrong

and then this

Somewhere in this process it seems I could do something to save a good deal of work.

Hello - I would make sure Project is on for Osnaps, when scaling and grid snap is off . If that is not it please post a dwg file, or send to tech@mcneel.com including a link back here in your comments.


Turning on project did it but I don’t understand why. Is there some means of importing the correct size to begin with?

Hello - in a plan view there is no telling what the depth of the snap is, so projecting sends them all to the CPlane.


That’s an elegant explanation!