3d reviewing for customers


How do you guys cope with customer reviewing?
Lets say I create a concept product in rhino (3d model) and I want another person to review the product.

There are several options:

  • Create a layout with nice views combined with dimensions
  • Create a 3d pdf and tell the customer to take screenshots and add notes to the screenshots
  • Tell the customer about the iRhino app and tell the customer to write an accompanying email
  • Tell the customer to download Rhino evaluation and work with dots

Each of the above has pro’s and con’s.
Eg. the iRhino app is not suitable for desktop reviewing.

I am looking for a solution with the following functions:

  • Easy to use for non-cad users
  • Univeral platform (desktop, phone)
  • Registration of review items (database eg)
  • Simple process: 1.screenshot, 2 add note, 3.save

Any idea’s?


Edit: Iris WebGL might by a perfect start

This is what I am looking at, I also have the app, which is great if you use Apple devices.

The download is good if you can give the customer a few minutes of basic pan, rotate and zoom model lessons.

Not all of them are perfect and it really depends on the client, his / her ability to learn or just the need to view a finished product, etc…