3D Printing Textures (.zpr file translation not working in V6)

RH6 (SR6) has some issues exporting textures to 3D printing formats. We have a Projet660Pro and the Zcorp file extension zpr normally supports texture maps and color. However, the file translation/export seems to come short of retaining the colors there a workaround in RH6?. Or is this something to be forwarded to the software engineers at 3D Systems?. !

3D Print Sample 1-7500 v5.3dm (4.0 MB)

r information compared to RH5. Untitled%20v6|690x4313d-print-zcorp-v5works-but-notv6

Are you saying that the .zpr export works differently between V5 and V6? That code didn’t change at all for V6. But there were changes elsewhere with the way strings are handled. I couldn’t get your model to render right in V5 or V6. All black in V5 and all gray in V6. If I make a box in V6 and add a texture to it using your image I am able to roundtrip that .zpr file back into V6 the material is there. If you render in V6 it will show up gray but you can save the model as V5 and open there or open the .zpr directly in V5 and it will render properly. Untitled.zip (9.3 MB)
(There’s something going on with materials from plugins in V6 right now, obj has the same problem).

Interesting. So the rendered view in V6 shows up gray instead of textured?. I’ve experienced this a few times and have been using v5 to export zpr. I’m not sure how to “roundtrip” the zpr file back - do you mean to just import it back into rhino?. Anyhow, when opening a v6 exported zpr file from the 3DPrint software, I experience v6 textures showing up gray but v5textures displays the colour correctly. I’m sorry I won’t be able to send support files as I’m on holidays now however I can certainly follow up later with some further testing or even some test 3D prints…

Hi Peter,

When I say round trip I do mean open the file exported from Rhino in Rhino. When you get back from vacation I’d like to see a V5 .3dm file that exports to .zpr properly from V5 but gives gray textures in V6. The simplest example that exhibits the behavior.


Hi Tim,

I’ll put this on my calendar and make sure I get those files to you. Cheers, Peter