3d printing questions

I´m doing a work about 3D printing, and it would be a great help if someone answers some of the questions below:

  1. In what countries / companies do you believe that this technology is more developed?
  2. What companies are investigating or using this technology?
  3. What advantages does this technology have? What disadvantages?
  4. Do you think it could speed / get the 3D printing process go faster?
  5. What do you think is the future of 3D printing?
  6. What are currently the main applications?
  7. Do you think 3D printing help rapid development of medicine and the aviation industry (the ability to print parts of a space station or a ship)?
  8. Do you think 3D printing can benefit by improving housing construction the current housing crisis?
  9. What do you think about what could it be the main future applications?
  10. What kind of materials is being used?
  11. 3D printing applied to housing construction, uses materials with the same strength as the current traditional materials?
  12. In the field of medicine, is the 3D printing will facilitate the procurement of prosthetic heart, joints, prosthetic legs…?
  13. Do you think that 3D printing will reduce in the future the cost of traditional production of parts in any field?
  14. It will reduce the price of prosthesis in the field of medicine, for example?
  15. When do you think this technology will come to homes in massive?
  16. Do you think that 3D printing will produce an important development as happened in the Industrial Revolution? And how will it affect the world economy?

Thanks for answering my questions

Hi there,

Don`t want to appear to be rude, but, if YOU are doing a work/assignment/project about 3D printing then these are the questions that YOU should be answering after you have done some research.

Then come to this forum and voice your opinions if you think they are relevant.

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Hi Rupert
I agree with you