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Does anyone know a 3D printer compatible with this material (or similar)?:

A colleague of mine needs to print a shampoo bottle (shampoo for kids, therefore the specifi material).



hi carlos, from what i see is that most common printers should be able to print PP, the filament is available at low cost prices but i did not see anything regarding this exact company i dont believe that they are producing filament at all. is there any specific reason for this exact company?

here an example at amazon
and here a filament from verbatim

some requirements setting up the printer are involved though due to the higher crystalizing of the material like a build plate temperature of 85 - 100 ° C and a nozzle temperature of 205 - 240 °C. the biggest challenge seems to be getting the material to stay on the plate. some suggestions on the net include having a pp basis or double sided sticky tape.


Beware that FDM 3D printed objects are not always “watertight”, liquid can suffuse through the micropores in between the slice layers… if it’s to be used as a real shampoo dispenser.


Hej Carlos,

try materialise which is Europe’s number one provider. They have a fairly compatible PP material, but you should make a test first; Repsol’s ISPLEN is an impact polymer often used in the automotive industry.

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IHola Carlos,

Ultimaker makes a PP filament and they claim it works for watertight prints for conteiners of liquids. They are a very honest company so I would take their word for it.


They recently announced a 0.25 core (extruder w/ nozzle) so it might make things better for watertight issues? (Or maybe is the possosite that smaller (thinner) build layers fuse less?

I have one of those printers. And I’m curious about that resin/filament so let me know if you want me to order it and try it.


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Thanks to all for your tips, my friend is already in contact with Materialise and the manufacturer of the specific material.



Good choice. Very experienced. Highly professional. Affordable. Good luck!