3D Printing Help - Naked Edges

3d printing model.3dm (2.1 MB)

Hi! I need help with naked edges for the flat planar surfaces I have for my floors and top pieces. Is there any way to fix this? (btw I wont be 3d printing this as a whole, I will separate the floors and canopies later)

Hello- are you asking about this surface?

You can ExtrudeSrf > Solid=Yes to give it thickness - is that what you mean?


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I was wondering if it could be 3D printed as floors and top pieces with just the flat surface. But I noticed that when looking a showedges, that the flat planar surfaces creates naked edges.

Hello- I cannot tell if I am dealing with the right question since you posted all your objects with no indication of which ones you are asking about. If you are asking about the surface in my image above, it has no thickness and will not print. You can exrtrude it to create a solid object that has thickness.


Actually this geometry could be 3D printed. Here is an image of the original 3DM file (gray) and the GH geometry (green) made by Setting and Internalizing the 3DM geometry:

The 3DM geometry has 3D thickness, so it could be printed OK. But the floors are missing - I’m not sure why. Nevertheless, adding the floors to the GH geometry would be easy - just get the outside edges and extrude them down by a value of the desired thickness.

The central slanting floor is a problem because it isn’t attached to anything. Barring the use of some sort of levitation device it should be a simple task to add some supporting structure - like the legs supporting the table-like surfaces on the outside perimeter.