3D printed wireframe foot


I have two questions:

How can I smooth out and tweak the toes? (with ‘points on’ it’s to difficult, way to many points, the mesh is a 3d scan from an actual foot)

How can I merge the wireframe pipes to the rest of the foot so that it will be 3D printed alltogether?

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Hi Bram
I proceed in this way: 1) extract the curves (which will be lines and polylines) 2) transform the lines in curves. 3) construct the MAIN surfaces and unite them in order to have a polisurface with curvature continuity. 4) if the structure (mesh) in the tubes is enough “orderly” transform the NURBS foot in mesh and merge with a Boolean mesh.


Hi, first of all thanks for your time,

I have the next situation:

there is no command as extractcurves? just extractsubcurve. So that’s how far I came haha.

The only transform command I could find was LDDtransform, so I couldn’t do that either

I didn’t understand wat you mean with construct the main surfaces? how do I construct them? Do I have to start over? And how can I unite them? There is no command called unite.

I can only go from mesh to nurbs but there is no command the other way around.


You can use ExtractWireframe - that works both on meshes and (poly-) surfaces.

Those would be the boolean operations. Depending on what you have, check

Either use Mesh or ExtractRenderMesh.

In essence you have to make the model by using mesh as a reference. Create the template in nurbs and then export it to .stl format for printing.
If it can help, I can make a short video.

you can try with the command smooth on the toes or on the entire foot - just select the areas and hit enter a few times in a row and choose a low factor otherwise it looks messy pretty fast.

Alright, the mesh command worked pretty good I got it in cura ready to go, but.

One guy said that I should print the wireframe part separate from the whole model, and up side down to avoid support material. And the shoe model split in two and glue these 3 pieces together after it has been printed.

At this point it’s tweaking the model so that it looks nice, and placing the parts in such a way that it can be printed with the least amount of support material that is possible.