3D Printed Prothesis Covers

This is the result of my collaboration with Art4leg, CZ.

The company offers wide rande of 3D-printed prothesis covers. The first part of the collaboration was to rework all their products into fully parametric workflow. Second part was to create new design patterns. By the way, this is a perfect example of a good usage of the parametric approach:

  1. get customer’s 3D scan
  2. use predefined method to get input data for Grasshopper
  3. apply the script, generate the desired pattern (with variations)
  4. bake, 3Dprint & send to the customer

Product design: Tomáš Vacek
Computational design: Petr Vacek
Art4leg - visit for more info: https://art4leg.com/


I commend you and your participation in this effort. I had reason to be hospitalized for an extended period of time some years ago and witnessed many that would have appreciated prothesis covers. Well done. Best, Rob

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Well done. This is very impressive. I worked on a similar project: OT4 Hand Orthoses | vcd. May I ask about the process to go from (scanned) mesh with unpredictable tessellation to a controlled final base-shape? Did you make use of SubD’s?
Best, Simon

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Hello Simon and thanks. The workflow is quite simple. It’s controlled slicing of 3D scanned mesh with some tweened curves, then simplification, rebuilding and so on. The workflow is not intended to be fully automatic, also because every amputee has slightly different prothesis. I guess that hand is more difficult because of fingers and palm…