3D printed orthopedic cast (exoskeleton)

Hello everyone,
I am writing here to collect every kind of example, algorithm, methodology, suggestion for the modeling of a 3D printed orthopedic cast as the ones shown in the link

I started playing with simple geometrical meshes (cilinders, cone trunks) to simulate the output I could get from a MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and elaborate this kind of exoskeleton.
The result is not very satysfying. I don’t have control on the holes density and size. It’s very far from the reference.
I am aware that I tried a very naive approach but I don’t have the knowledge to proceed.

Personal story behind it: i want to save my dog’s leg after a very hard surgery. The leg needs to stay still for 2 months, impossible for a dog. The traditional orthopedic cast causes really bad bedsores so I imagined this exoskeleton could let the wound and the leg breathe while keeping it still.
I would possibly proceed with a RMI of the leg, it’s quite expensive so I would prefer to make some exercise before.
I hope you could help me and my dog :slight_smile:

just search the forum a bit, i believe i have seen quite a few on exact this idea. here a recent one i found while searching and here one which contains a bit more info and some definitions. and this thread contains some more links. good luck with your dog!

Thanks! I made a research but perhaps with the wrong keywords.
I will post the updates!