3d printed fleurs

I’m working on an investigation project in which I created these models from plant growth patterns. I invite you to interact with them playing with parameters

It would be awsome if you share with me your results. You can send me the digital archive or a picture of your printed model in use, to this email: your.fleurs@gmail.com

We’ll create a community of our fleurs, and I’ll share the results on instagram: @your.fleurs .

Thank you, and hope you enjoy it!

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hey Ruth,

great idea
I can’t open the link, it just sends me to shapediver main https://app.shapediver.com/me

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I guess this is it?

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Hi Danel,

Thank you, I’ve just changed the link. It should work now.

Hi Ruth - I have no experience with Shapediver, but I have printed a number of parts like the one you show there. Here’s one example: TwistedFlutes8. I don’t know if my GH script would be adaptable to Shapediver or not, but I’d be happy to discuss it with you.

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Hi Birk! It’s a really nice model! I’m pretty sure that your gh code could be adapted to add it to Shape Diver. If you go to their webside there is a lot of support information in order to make your model suitable for Shape Diver. There is also the plugin link. You can try to download it and test it.
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.