3D Printable Cooling Lifts for Lenovo P15 2nd Gen

Modeled in Rhino 3D, rendered in Cycles with only Rhino 3D’s post processing. The table texture is also right out of the Rhino box, as it were, with an inverted copy added as a mild bump.

This is a very simple drawing, but the catch is: I wanted them to have the Thinkpad Bauhaus look, so they look the part. I am trying to practice compromise by including chamfers on the edges and using a condensed font. The colors are also Lenovo’s old and new.

I extended the tab, so they can be slid under the computer feet, which is really a long rubber strip that runs along the bottom of the computer.

I am going to 3D print some this evening, but there’s no way they will look this nice from my aging 3D printer.