3d print ready with grasshopper

weave.gh (12.3 KB)

I would like to make this model 3d-printable, but i believe, currently with the script, it isn’t . Does anyone know how?

While you might get lucky on some machines, the object should be a Closed Polysurface and eventually, a Closed Mesh. Since your pipes have no caps, and you are not doing any solid unions, then no, this object will probably not 3d print.
Applying a solid union to the center pipes, after they’ve been capped, does give some results. To get the whole thing to union, the top and bottom rings should have a bit larger radius:

This still doesn’t mean the print will succeed. The minimum radius of the pipes will depend on the resolution of the machine as well as the weight of the material.

weave_mod.gh (16.5 KB)