3d print noob question

I have no experience whatsoever with 3D printing but in the file attached is an example of an object I’d like to print. Its dimensions are 17x8x10 cm with a volume of 293 mm3.

I was wondering if any of you have any rough idea what I can expect in terms of cost for something of this size to be 3D printed. The file is just an example of the expected size and volume, and has no further detailing etc. I’m just trying to estimate whether this will cost me $3, $30 of $300 because I just don’t have any clue :smile:

Stand.3dm (84.2 KB)

It all depends on material and quality. Cost = volume,(++) so if you can make it hollow it will be cheaper.

Check out http://www.shapeways.com/ and go to http://i.materialise.com/ and upload the file there. They will give you a quotation quickly.

You mean 17x8x10 mm, right (like in your file)? That’s a small piece, it should cost not more than $10-20 printing with FDM technology (ABS material).
And if you mean cm (wall thickness = 10 mm), it should cost around $150-200.

Units in the file should be cm so yeah, wall thickness 10 mm. But probably this can be hollowed to reduce volume drastically, seeing as how volume is the deciding factor in the price.

@holo thanks for the links I will check them once I have a final design.

Some 3d printer software has build in options for hollowing out objects but use internal generated ‘beam’ patterns to strengthen the object.