3D PDF from Rhino v6

We are evaluating Rhino for our communication with the automotive industry, and have the need to show textures with good on resolution on parts. We tried the SimLab software but unfortunately the resolution is too bad.
Anyone that has tested anything else that might work? Any suggestion is welcome!

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Ulf Johansson

Hello - if you mean the resolution of the meshes sent to pdf is too low, you might try creating meshes directly in Rhino first, Mesh command, then sending those out.


Hi @cruising_laidback
If you’re talking about the texture resolution, it’s (most of the time) an inherent 3D PDF problem…
“ Although the format itself does not limit the maximum texture resolution, Adobe Acrobat usually limits it to 2048x2048 or less in order to provide better stability on low–quality hardware.”
HTH, Jakob

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