3D Mouse no longer works in 6.4.18114.15591, 24/04/2018

Thanks a lot. Always improving.

Check in with 3Dconnexion.
I think they put out a new driver recently:


Hi John,

Here’s the pattern :
-3D mouse working fine in Rhino V6
-Rhino 6 update
-3d mouse no longer working in V6

Therefor, the problem is on your side.
If the Rhino update requires a 3dx update, then it should at least be advertized.

I think that you guys have grown lazy due to the massive feedback and bug reports from users.
Why do a good job and try not to break stuff when the users will report problems anyways ?

You might be right about something we changed being the problem, but there’s nothing we can do about it, as 3Dconnexion writes the driver.
We do not have their code.

Your characterization about us being lazy is wildly inaccurate.

Well, that’s the feeling I get after seeing bugs get fixed then come back for no reason, and legitimate requests be ignored for over 18 years.
And don’t get me started on the puny facelift you call Rhino 6 and took 7 years to achieve.

Consider that your limited view and experience of what we do and how we do it is an incomplete view.

My point is this device is clearly important to you.
Your best option for getting it going again it to contact 3Dconnexion directly as you can demonstrate, repeat, and accurately describe the issue.

Rolling back to a previous version of Rhino is fine as a short-term stop-gap measure, but not a successful strategy for going forward.

Going forward ?
Rhino is stalled as far as modern features are concerned and sometimes goes backward on small but irritating issues like the present topic.

That’s not going forward.

I think that Rhino is a mostly dead tree with just one green and fruitful branch called Grasshopper.
But hey, that’s just my 18 years daily user experience after all…

You are welcome to return your Rhino for refund at any time.

I’ve had this customer-friendly proposal already, thanks.
I’m here for Grasshopper.

@Markus, is this something you can help with?

I had the same issue this morning. I loaded the driver and was good to go. Keeping my fingers crossed. —-Mark

The 3DMouse plug-in in SR4 has been updated

  • fixes the issue with the long switching times
  • allows the user to configure buttons using the 3Dconnexion Properties utility

The plug-in requires 3DxWare 10.5.6 (Published March 22)

me too, lately I’m spending more time installing updates, service relises, ecc ecc then working!:thinking: