3d mouse controller/viewports reset

Before using this device, three of the view ports remained in straight ortho views. Now I’ve discovered that in any view like for instance ‘top’, I can orbit the model in any direction with the 3d mouse and now even my regular mouse. In the attached vid you can see that an opened file behaves normally with three ortho views and the perspective/orbital view.

However, the moment input from the 3d mouse is made, every view port effectively becomes a perspective/orbital type.

I don’t know how this was changed, but now I can’t find a means of resetting the window views to the default top/side/front defaults.

I think in Rhinoceros - Preferences, there is an applet for the the 3DConexion mouse that has behavior controls. Have a look at that and also the Help file for the descriptions of the different controls.

That applet is maddening. It will not accept modifier key strokes and does not always even respond by highlighting the relevant keys. It’s buggy to say the least at this point.