3D model of city will not allow adding new objects


I have 3D representation of a city and I want to create some volume studies, or blobs, at a building site. However, it seems to be impossible to create a box, or any of the other volumes, at the site (or anywhere in the city model).

However, deleting or moving existing building meshes is possible, as well as moving or deleting the ground plane. If I zoom out enough and end up in a different “plane” than the city model, I am allowed to create volumes.

I have spoken to another student about this file who has the same problem and doesn’t know what to do. Is it possible to “unlock” the model or somehhow make this problem go away?

Thank you!

p.s I made a video demonstration in case it is helpful
[Video uten navn - Create and share your videos with Clipchamp]

Hi Christina,

In the layer manager panel, create a new layer (or use an existing empty one) for your blobs. Make that the default layer. Then Lock the layer which holds the city model by clicking on the padlock symbol.

That will stop you inadvertently dragging your mesh.



Please run the command Systeminfo on the Rhino command line and post a copy of the output here. I can’t reproduce your problem here (albeit with a different mesh).


Hi @Curious_Rhino
Welcome :slight_smile: My best guess is that your city (and perspective view) is below the construction plane in the perspective viewport, but hard to tell without a file to test. If you zoom in in the top viewport and start your box from there, does the box perhaps end up floating above your city? :grimacing: If yes, either move the geometry upwards towards the construction plane or move the construction plane down - see the Rhino help file for details on moving/creating/managing construction planes.
HTH, Jakob