3d model measurement controller

Hi everyone !

I want to simple 3d model measurement controller. This is GH solition measurment all edge. For example, I want to see only 7.736842. Can I list the 7.736842 measurement? Can I see only 7.736842 on 3d model.
lenght.gh (15.5 KB)

Just apply a filter and filter out the values you don’t want. For example here I check if the value is smaller than 25, then feed this true/false pattern into a dispatch component:


I am beginner in GH. Can I get GH data.

you should be able to recreate this from the image. The two components I’ve used are ‘dispatch’ and ‘smaller than’. If you double click on the canvas a search bar will pop up. Type those names in and those components will appear

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I got it. Thank you so muck!