3D Model Library for Rhino by RhinoCenter Turkey

The 3D model marketplace has been dominated by polygon mesh geometries, and there were several reasons for that (until now). Being widely used in many industries—such as marine, jewelry, furniture, architecture, or even aviation—for design, visualization, engineering, and production purposes, Rhino deserves the most diverse and yet clean 3D model library above all. Evolved on top of this idea, after two years of work, the 3D Model Library for Rhinoceros is ready!

Already hosting around 3000 native Rhino 3D models, the library will soon evolve into Rhino 3D model marketplace. The plans of the Marketplace are to categorize models by “Design” and “Generic” models and integrate the library with a parametric environment to use the strong side of Rhino and give any visitor the chance to order the actual product.

Let’s Design, Model, Present, Analyse and Realize!

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Posted Jun 01, 2021 by Tamara Rubinger on Rhino News, etc.