3D model from mesh surface

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to build a 3d model from a mesh surface :thinking:.
The mesh surface is projected onto the xOy plane and a 3D model is generated, just like this image.

MeshModel.3dm (24.6 KB)

I’ve tried to build it with projected curve and using brep…
But it failed, like below picture.
This test .gh file is writed several days ago, and it is missing…


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Whatever you read to this common question. There is no universal solution to your problem, because a proper NURBS model contains more information then a simple polygon has. In most cases the best solution is to model it manually, using some analytic tools to min deviation to your reference. Apart from this there are commercial apps out for this job like Geomagic Design X. But even those tools are trade-off solutions…

Would need more information.

MeshModel_emod.3dm (3.0 MB)