3D mesh for a solid

But this is not meshing the element. From what I understand this creates only one mesh. Can I divide this in many pieces? Also, I was hoping I’ll be able to extract the 8 nodes that construct the mesh.

solid 3d mesh_re.gh (11.6 KB)

Even simpler and same as this.

solid 3d mesh_reV2.gh (13.4 KB)

But what if I want to mesh all this element with “sub elements” like in the picture below. I’m sorry I’m not explaining it properly.

There are many ways…

solid 3d mesh_reV3.gh (17.0 KB)

Sorry, but it is quite difficult for me to explain what I want to do. I tried to model this in Revit just to show what I want. So basically the big box is one element and I want to mesh it into the sub-elements as shown in the picture below. Then I need to extract the information for each “cube” or as it is a mesh element. Maybe I don’t understand your answer but the way I see it it is creating a mesh with 4 nodes only on the surface. I need a mesh that is a cube. I am calling it a 3D mesh but I don’t know if that is the right term.

You should have explained it better from the first place by using universal language…
You can also make a regular voxels and morph to your shape.

solid 3d mesh_reV4.gh (21.2 KB)

I think you’re trying to do voxel cube’s
Check these:


The term usually used for this is volumetric meshing.
If it is with little distorted cube-like elements, then more specifically it is called hexahedral meshing.
(the other common type being tetrahedral meshing).
Like with quads/triangles, hexahedral meshes are usually harder to generate for general shapes than tetrahedral ones.

If it is specifically for this single distorted box-like shape, the method shown by @HS_Kim looks good.

If you are looking for something to work with general shapes, then you’ll need a library.
For tetrahedral meshing there’s this plugin from @tom_svilans :

For hexahedral, I don’t know of anything available in Grasshopper. I think some commercial tools are available that work directly with Rhino, such as Moldex3D, and Cheetah, but not for free. If you don’t mind going out of Rhino to do this meshing there are many more options, though I think it’s still hard to find good ones for free (I believe there’s one in OpenFoam).

Try something like that with voronoi and 3d grid points



Download Crystallon plugin and try this. Use your own desired Brep.


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A way with Pufferfish.

TBoxFill.gh (11.2 KB)


Wow, this was a difficult birth! :smiley:

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Forgot to add the script here it is:
voxel re BVR.gh (123.2 KB)

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I see why I was not able to get any good result from google either. I was aware that I don’t know the proper term but still couldn’t explain better.
Tetrino seems like a good solution because I would be able to mesh any solid, but the problem is that I can’t run it in rhino 6. Please check the following shape:

Do you think there is any solution to mesh this with tetrahedral or hexahedral mesh in grasshopper 6?
Crystallon plugin that BVR proposed is a good one but I don’t think I can mesh this solid as a single element. It works perfectly if I have only one plate between two surfaces though.
As you can see I am quite new to grasshopper and rhino so I know I might make unclear or stupid questions.


Can you provide this file lemme try

Thanks for your reply.
Do you think I can mesh a shape like this:

I need to export the mesh form grasshopper to other programs so it’s important that all nodes between different elements are connected. If I use a mesh between two surfaces for example it is quite difficult to arrange it in such a way that all nodes are connected. It has to be a single element and i dont know if Crystallon offers something that can mesh generic shapes. It doesn’t have to be with hexahedral mesh.

Sure, thank you.
If you can change the “stiffener” to solid and join with the vertical pile it’s great, otherwise please just delete it.

Pile head.3dm (127.4 KB)

I just deleted the “stiffner” and tried with Crystallon it works fine. You can get hexahedral mesh out of it. Above in my pervious posts I just explained the steps follow that and give it a try.

Using your script I get this result:
3d mesh 7
Is it not possible to have a mesh that fits the geometry of the brep? Of course not with the same size of the mesh. Or even if it uses tetrahedral mesh.

This isn’t the right approach. You should go surface to surface for each of the parts of your geometry like my example. But that may or may not work depending on what other geometry you have. If you use a rectangle of filled voxels to start you will always end up with pixilated edges as you have or cut voxels at the edge.