3D Hilbert curve Doesn't work

3D_Hilbert_Curve_Co-de-iT_1.0007.gh (162.0 KB)

Some components are missing !!! You had a warning and you dind’t upload the necessary plugin. Reload all the scripts and components. Install the components.
And use Italian discourse if you are more fluent in italian.

It is written in the plugin
this definition uses the following plugins:

thanks laurent, i installed but anemone not. I spend 2 days doing something, but is difficult grasshopper. And i need to do something to the class. Thank you laurent you are a good person.

Reload the definition here. It must look like that. But you must have Anemone istalled

Preview is not enabled so you have to right click on some components and activate the preview.
Some component are deEnabled, so you have to right click on them and activate them.
Right click is a live savior in GH.

Thanks laurent, my savior