3d far from origin 3 times slower

Recently I have encountered for me a new glitch, but maybe it is how it is. I worked on a 3d model far from the origin (2.000.000 mm) and it get quite sluggish. After moving it to the w0, it gets 3 times faster. Is this normal behaviour or is there a way how to fight it without moving the object? I know in general all geometries far from the origin exhibits a certain number of issues (display, accuracy etc.)

What display mode?
was ground plane on?

Yep, far from origin requires a bit of extra processing to draw it correctly. I wouldn’t expect it to be 3 times slower, but I would definitely expect it to be slower. We would need to see the model to figure out exactly what is causing the slowdown.

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Size is also part of the equation for determining if objects need to be drawn with the extra effort required for far from origin display. I would need to see the model to be able to give you a clearer answer as to what is really happening.

I will send you the file as soon as the weekly rush is over!

Hi @stevebaer, I´ve sent you a pm with the file.