3D Connexion Quick Zoom

Dear developpers,

The latest service release brought some changes with 3D Connexion settings. Mostly good.

I’m using a 3D Connexion CAD mouse and the thumb buttons are set to Quick Zoom. I changed the steps in the XML file from 20 to 10 since that makes more sense to me. This was a suggestion from 3D Connexion developpers…

When I move the mouse into Grasshopper, execute one left mouse button click and then try to use Quick Zoom, nothing happens in the GH canvas but the Rhino viewport zooms in and out. That’s different from before. Not happy with this functionality. Something else which is wierd is when I zoom really all the way in with the mouse wheel and try to zoom out with Quick Zoom, nothing happens. I’m confused. Before todays SR it wasn’t like that, Quick Zoom worked better I’d say…

In Rhino 5 I could also use Quick Zoom on the GH canvas.

3D Connexion latest driver on Windows 7 64 bit, latest Rhino 6 Service Release

Please help


@Markus - do you have an idea about this?


Sounds like a regression. I will need to look into this.

Here are two videos, one in Rhino 5 and the other one in Rhino 6.

Rhino 5 seems to execute Quick Zoom quicker, in Rhino 6 is like accelerated. Also in Rhino 6 I need to concentrate to zoom in and out nicely. I mean it’s difficult to zoom in and out and not have the object / scene drift away. And I’m not moving the mouse…

I just noticed that I have two Rhino settings for the Space Mouse, one for Rhino 5 and another one for Rhino 6.

Video might be rotated, sorry. The video with the pink commands is Rhino 5

The different behavior of the forward/backward buttons on the CadMouse is due to the different assignments in the Rhino 5 and Rhino 6 3Dxware profiles. (Before SR6.4 Rhino 6 used the Rhino 5 profile). The difference is that the Rhino 5 profile has mouse wheel macros (Quick Wheel 20 In/Out) assigned and the Rhino 6 profile has the commands for the QuickZoom algorithm assigned.

Unfortunately the Quick Wheel macros are not available for assignment in the Rhino 6 default and it isn’t trivial to create them.

Attached is an updated default profile for Rhino 6 which allows the user to assign the Quick Wheel 20 commands to the CadMouse buttons if he wishes to have the previous behavior. (The Quick Wheel 20 commands are in the 3Dconnexion category in the fly out - same category as the QuickZoom commands).

Copy the profile to %ProgramFiles%\3Dconnexion\3DxWare\3DxWinCore64\Cfg\RhinoFS.xml (this will overwrite the original). The next release of 3dxware (v10.5.7) will also ship this profile.

RhinoFS.xml (23.4 KB)

Thanks Markus, just installed this driver. It works with Grasshopper too so that’s great!

I manually changed the driver to execute a 10 step quick zoom since 20 is just too much for me.