3D Connexion - Camera Rotation

In the latest beta, I can no longer alter the camera rotation value (in a metronome direction), I can only get rotation of 0 or 180. This is the setting that is very useful as you can twist the camera to align with stuff I’m working on and for complex selections.

Working fine in the latest Rhino 6, tried uninstalling and reinstalling 3DX and also a repair of Rhino Beta.

Tried everything in the 3DX Props. Just can’t seem to see what’s up. FWIW the 3DX seems buggy in the latest beta. Suddenly inverting everything for example, then behaving as expected suddenly.

I get they’re viewed as pesky devices, but seriously that camera rotation ability alone is huge on the fly.

Shift Alt Camera rotation is fine manually too, but as soon as i make move on the 3DX it resets rotation to zero. So it definitely doesn’t seem to like that setting.

Solved doh It was the Lock Horizon Setting

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