3D Booleans types are wrong

Sources: (SubDs)

Intersection and Difference are switched around, Union does nothing:

You are gonna have to upload your grasshopper files for people to look through.

However it seems your surfaces are flipped.
For a brep, you would deconstruct brep and then join brep to fix all the normals.

I don’t know about if subd has any similar functions.


I was wrong about union - it does substraction

booleans.gh (22.2 KB)

They are just single Subds created from mesh box and Fatten(old multipipe). But it did fix everything, thanks!

Hi -

The mesh in your definition that presumingly was created with Fatten has its normals flipped. That could be an issue with that component but by now, Daniel has rewritten the Rhino Multipipe command and that will show up as a new Grasshopper component sometime soon.