3d Blend Curve (Obvious Question)?

I know you can do this in solidworks, but it has to be possible in rhino???

How make the curve in the middle, without extruding and project? I think its intersection curve in solidworks.

Hello - use TweenCurves for this.


excellent thanks.

Not that command actually. I am trying to get the red middle intersection curve I created from two intersections, but without the extrusion > offset command. I know this can be done in other CAD programs, but maybe not Rhino? It would really only serve to save time in this domain.

I think you might want _Crv2View…

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perfect, thanks.

okay second question:

I am drawing from plans: front, right, top, rear. How do I construct a curve from three different lines drawn on all planes? The line has 3 different dimensions, I can do a crv to crv, but how to interpolate all three?

Hello - hard to say from the image- feel free to post a file with the curves though.


Just point edit the degree 5 curve using the 4 view port lay out. Start with top view then side then front until the curve looks to be aligned in all three. I highly recommend this tutorial https://hkvertrieb.de/