3d art bas relief prototyping to lost wax bronze investment casting of scuptures


An Artist designer SDC / Serge-David CRABBE / seeks to manufactured bas-relief bronze sculpture. The artist works contour design of different thickness using Indian ink. Real subjects are drawn with the least possible lines but giving already shape !

The 2D contour design (X;Y) is increased towards 2D plus dimension (Z). This 2D plus dimension is known in Art history as bas-relief mainly during the Greek and Roman period. The artist use Computer Aid Design (CAD) to create a 3D shape. The 3D dimension 3D (X;Y;Z) is Computer Numerical Commanded to woodworking milling equipment. The Low Relief shape is then milled into plywood. As the milling process removes wood the CNC is actually (X;Y;-Z) where Z is minus.

The Low-Relief shape is the actual positive prototype. The lost wax investment casting process is indirect using an elastomeric sock. The whole process used different medium : wood /elastomer /wax / ceramic top / ceramic bottom / heat to hollow / bronze casting.

If you are interested please forward an email to this address and invite me on whatsapp. I can forward all the necessary information : presentation, diagram, technical booklets and youtube videos to your whatsapp account.

On your whatsapp account, I can forward the full collection of pastels-drawings to get edited in bronze art works. Already, 3 art galleries based in Brussels, Paris and London are ready to referenced SDC catalogue based on those drawings.

The position is freelance working from home part time. However, to keep the same artistic signature, the artist seeks to name the 3D Rhinoceros on very long term basis.

Would you be kind to forward your full CV and a Letter of Motivation explaining why you wish to become a Rhino 3D developer in Art Low-Relief (Bas-Relief) ?

My whatsapp account is 06 03 67 21 11 or 00 33 6 03 67 21 11
Please email me
My email account is : info@econumia.com


I understand your requirement and will be glad to assist you as i have done similar work before.

please connect me over Skype cis.am3 or email me at frank1 AT talentsfromindia dot com