3600 points converted into a 2d polyline egg shape. Won't let me offset this polyline

I’ve done this before, but it’s been a long time and I forgot how I made this work.

I import a TXT file into a pointcloud. I then select curve, then polyline through points. works perfectly. this is now a 2d egg shaped polyline.

I need to offset this polyline, when I try to offset it, I only get 1 or 2 very small pieces that offset… even though when I click on this polyline it appears to be a good completely joined curve.

somehow in the past I’ve been able to simplify this polyline so I can offset it any way I wanted?

Thanks for the help and tips to accomplish this

I would use FitCrv or Rebuild on the polyline to get it down to a reasonable number of points and turn it into a smooth curve. Then it will probably offset nicely.

Rebuild worked, not perfect… but I think I can work with it. Thank you very much!

I typed rebuild in, is it in a drop down menu anywhere?

Hi @williamsmotowerx

Rebuild should be under the “edit” drop down.