32bit version?


there are some quite cheap Win8 tablets around (200€).

Of course they are not state of the art, I know.
For simple tasks they may be enough.
And for simple models they should work ‘fine’.

As far as i know they all have the Win x86 installed.

I heard the next Rhino will be in 64bit only.
Is it true?


Yes. We’re no longer building 32-bit versions of Rhino.

Hello David,

I can image the reasons why 64bit is the one and only.

But this excludes all the new cheap tablets from running Rhino.
Sure that it is intended and good?



Although current Rhino works on a tablet, I’d consider the use of tablets more as viewer than a workstation. That said, Rhino 5 will still run and you would need to export your R6 models to R5… maybe McNeel will package a R5-32bit Version with Rhino 6.

On the other hand there are Rhino’s update cycles to consider. By the time I’d expect Rhino6 to ship, maybe even the cheap tablets will come with 64bits…

This is a promise and we don’t make them very often.

There will be NO 32-bit Rhino 6.


That’s not what I meant, I was speculating that a Rhino6 license might be valid for a Rhino5(32 bit) installation in order not to lock out new customers with 32bit systems once Rhino6 launches.

If these customers exist, we can most likely just sell them Rhino 5. Even cheap tablets are quickly becoming 64 bit.

Nobody will buy Rhino for such a cheap tablet only.
New customers won’t be locked out.


I thought a 32bit version would be a nice extra - nothing else.
But the 32bit-only platform is not the future.


64 bit is the only way to go for V6 and I was surprised they even made a 32 bit Rhino 5.
It was NICE of them, for sure, but I presume it was a lot of work, and still is a lot of work keeping it up to date.

Rhino needs to move forward as fast as the competition and the competition sure as heck isn’t 32 bit :smile:

We have around 170 computers, and we don’t have a single 32 bit computer at this company, AFAIK. I will be glad when the time comes that installing Rhino doesn’t mean that you have to have a 32 bit version installed that nobody wants and nobody needs.

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Whilst I agree that 64bit is obviously the way forward, please be aware that there are some older plugins for Rhino that are no longer supported and therefore only run on the 32bit platform. Pointools4Rhino is a prime example of this. The plugin is fundamental to our workflows (and a number of other companies that we know of). I know that LiDAR Import functionality is being developed for Rhino 6 and is looking promising. However, until the functionality is up to the standard of (or hopefully better than) Pointools4Rhino, many of us will not be able to make the switch to Rhino 6.

In any case, a 32-bit Rhino 6 would not run Rhino 4 32-bit plug-ins.

Exactly, and if you need an old plugin then you can also use an old version of Rhino to run it.
Rhino 6 can read Rhino 5 files, or Rhino 4 files just fine.
It makes no sense in being backward compatible with plugins that no longer is in development.