32 or 64bit?


in the latest release I can’t see if it is 32 or 64bit when Rhino runs.
Even Help-Info doesn’t show it…


Open the task manager (In Win7: Right-click task-bar and select task manager). In the list of processes you will find Rhino.exe when it is running. If it has *32 behind the process it is 32 bit. If not, it is 64 bit.

Nearly a good idea, but what when several Rhinos are open?
I just want to know what is in front of me…

In previous releases ‘64’ was in the title bar.
I want it back.


It’s still there in mine (NFR)…

here, too.


This IS the 64bit:


Hmm indeed, I changed mine into German and 64 is still there, so it’s not an error in translation either…


Can you please post a complete screen shot of your splash screen for 32- and 64-bit Rhino so I can see what version you’re running?

I’ve added a bug to make sure SR6 has the 32/64-bit indicator in the splash screen as well as the title bar of Rhino.