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oh, I have plenty of challenges for the devs… that you can be assured. :slight_smile:

Hi Everyone,

I’m not a Rhino user, but I found this form based on some research I’ve been doing into the best 3D software for upholstery and complex shapes.

I’ve currently got a hot project that I need modeled and the current approach we’ve been taking in other software isn’t working. I’m looking for a freelancer who can help create a set of objects as sub-assemblies that work together as an overall product. This product is something like a small pad a person would lay on with some chambers that inflate with air to provide pain relief. It’s important that the model could be exported to be used in other 3D software as necessary.

My project is seriously behind schedule right now because of misfiring in other software and I’m needing someone to help me starting today and over the weekend. I don’t think this is going to be too difficult for someone who knows what they’re doing.

I do have excellent mechanical drawings of the shapes with clean outlines in Adobe Illustrator to work from. Again, this is unfortunately a project that must start as soon as today, if possible, to be completed by Monday.

I’d appreciate any help in directing someone to me who would be available to help.

Thanks for your help!


Hi -

You can always try to make a new post in the “Jobs & Portfolios” category.
We don’t know how helpful the offers that you will receive are…

Thanks for your help. I’ll repost there.