30 min car seat

This one was fun…I’m prepping for a new video on how to to build stuff like this in subd- Stumbled across a very easy workflow. It’s essentially paperdoll, add a dash of bridge and subd offset to get the main forms. Push and pull a bit, a few extrudes here and there and some curve piping for the stitching.

poof< car seat.



30 min car seat

cool, but it seems you have saved a bit time on the stitching, not finishing it :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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that’s reserved for a the 32 min car seat.


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Hi Kyle

I just seat back and steady lovely line~ :thinking:

Thank’s for sharing~

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here is the file for anyone interested in seeing how it’s put together-
seat1.3dm (6.6 MB)

simple stuff, nothing crazy. If I was going to dig into it again, I’d likely go into box mode and clean up a bit there. (fix overlapping edges etc…) But I opted to let it get a little messy in as a compromise to speed.



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It is a safe type of chair and
It also maintains a comfortable shape~ :heart_eyes:


Sorry to revise without asking your modeling
It’s fun to dismantle and express it new
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if I didn’t want people to play with it, I wouldn’t have posted it!

Have at it and enjoy!


뭐라 감사의 이야기를 해야 할지 모르겠어요

제가 실수 한건 아닌지 조마조마 했어요


당신은 매우 환영합니다, 행복한 모델링!

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@theoutside could you point me what have you used for stitches?

Thanks in advance.

project a curve on the surface, then apply a dashed linetype to it, then run curve piping on it and apply a material to it.

bonus, copy the curve and apply shutlining to it with a v shaped profile (embossed) and you get a pretty nice representation of the material edges with the stitching floating in the seam.

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how do you create seams?

Follow this tutorial. It’s really easy


check this :slight_smile: Seams Easy for Maya – Stepan Jirka – Digital Designer

Oh, yeah. I just meant in rhino with native tools and nothing fancy. Alias has some really cool stitch tools too

that is cool, we can do most if not all of that, just not automatically- :slight_smile:

I’ve wondered before why they don’t add more lines to curve piping. Really, at the moment, it’s sort of accidentally for stitching I’d say. If it was really meant for stitching, there would be an abiility to add profiles and such ala illustrator, or 2D DXF files for extruded profiles w/ orientation (popular as a feature for Fashion/footwear CAD tools) or single mesh files.

One that needs some love I feel @theoutside ?

Also the ability to do edge softening property on top of ‘thickness’ property … working functionality already that just needs to work together. I did get BrianJ to open the bugtrack for it.

Ideally this is a linetypes issue as the curve piping just pipes whatever curves you feed it. So Ideally we’d need curve styles that make cool looking stiches and curve piping would make them look great.

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Like in gravity sketch where they did those cool sort of hatch surfaces for the lines.

Maybe you should think of some challenges for the Devs :slight_smile:

Linetypes need some serious UI love for ages.
Feels very Autocad for me…