30 day demo

I am looking for help creating a 30 day demo license - I have already written the plug-in with rhinoscript and just need to implement a 30 day trial period.

Currently, I get the user to complete a form which sends me their rhino serial number - Which I then hard code into the plug-in. However is this against food4rhino’s terms and conditions.

Can anyone suggest another route - I have thought of hiding a file with a date to compare and believe that approach is very easy to circumnavigate.


Hi Keith - how is the hard-coding protection method against f4r terms and conditions? Where is this specified?


Maybe create a txt file in your plugin location. When the file is empty or can’t be found, don’t run.
Create 2 encrypted information:

  • 1: Does my plugin run for the first time: default is false
  • 2: A date when the plugin runs for the first time.

So when your plugin runs for the first time change 1 to true and the date to that current date.
This date does only get updated when setting 1 is False. Check the date with current date.
As a last resort you can Add a 3rth date. Everytime your plugin runs change this date to current date, but before you do this check if current computer date is newer than setting 3. If not, the computer time and date have been set back to an older date.

Hope this helps you get started.

This means you have to put a txt file in your plugin installer.

@carlosperez Could you look into this? Thanks