3-Dimensional Random Trim


I am trying to generate 3-Dimensional cuts through a simple building which i modeled in ArchiCAD a few years ago. To do so, I am using a script by Peter Fotiadis which works similar to the kd tree definition. It trims e.g. a cube along a random generated surface into two pieces. Then these two pieces get cut again and so forth.

Now i would like to do the same thing with my building to make it look like that:

My idea was to overlie the building with a cube of Peters script and then use the generated surfaces of the cube to trim my building with. Unfortunately i could not manage to trim the building as desired.

I would be thankful for any advice.

KRR_180419_3D_reduced_net.3dm (483.8 KB)
180419_CuttingHouse.gh (24.0 KB)