3 different heights for an undulating roof / surface

The height difference between the three different parts on the roof. I have built GH with kangaroo.
How can I control them with three points in GH. if not how do i achieve three different heights on the continuous undulating roof in Grasshopper.

  • also the additional goal is to cover it with equal shaped hexagons 10 m each in width, is Lunchbox best way to create it?
  1. highest: 14.5 m up
  2. middle: 9 meter up
  3. lowest : 4 meter up

See attached for Rhino model and GH file
undulating roof 20210113.3dm (18.3 MB)
undulating roof 20210113.gh (24.4 KB)

Desired roof shape modeled in 3ds Max/Rhino

Try with Attractor points , in this example i use Heteroptera

Or something similar to drape surface

attractor_h.gh (118.7 KB)

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Check this mesh method without using Kangaroo… I use TriRemeshwhich is new in R7, but without it, you could use your own mesh by replacing it.

Mesh with Weighted Attractor Points_re.gh (18.3 KB)


Seghier Thank you, I have one question. What are the two Crv defining? is it the outer edges of the surface?
The Expression and Deconstruct Arc commends are getting confused

undulating roof 20210113.3dm (18.3 MB)

attractor_h.gh (123.2 KB)

The curve are 3 circles

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Kim Thank you I upgraded my Rhino to 7 and Kangaroo 2 is under Grasshopper library but the TriRemesh component is still not showing up.

What is the alternative to TriRemesh… and also what am I doing wrong?

Screenshot 2021-01-14 094557

undulating roof 20210113.3dm (18.3 MB)

Mesh with Weighted Attractor Points_re.gh (18.3 KB)

amazing!!! ok that makes sense thank you

Check whether you install this service release candidate…

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Seghier Can you share your 3dm file here?

This is mine and its still not working

undulating roof 20210113.3dm (18.4 MB)

attractor_h.gh (123.2 KB)

All geometries are internalized, you don’t need 3dm file, and what is the error message in you screenshot?


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Kim I am trying to build it with Simple Remesh command
how would I approach this? send help

Mesh with Weighted Attractor Points_re_simpleremesh.gh (28.2 KB)

For Crv I drew them in Rhino and clicked all three circles and assign them to both Crv on the command.

Was I supposed to assign one circle per Crv command? (you can’t draw actual curves with GH with Crv command, you can only assign them to existing Crv in Rhino) In GH file there are only two Crv commands

You are really high maintenance… :wink: You could use SimpleRemesh like this.

Mesh with Weighted Attractor Points_reV2.gh (15.9 KB)


YOU are the best!!! thank you let me try this

Why you draw the cirles again? Use the internalized cirles
Bake them to Rhino , and all circles must have the same direction

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Sorry ignore me. oh geee I got it wrong. it’s all good!

Kim one last question. The crv in GH is not matching the curve line I created in Rhino model
Once I assign the Crv command to the outline I want, DArc command fails (“Data conversion failed from Curve to Arc”)

How do I assign the Crv to the one outline I want?

undulating roof 20210113 ver 7.3dm (19.3 MB)

Mesh with Weighted Attractor Points_reV2.gh (15.9 KB)

Just remove that part of def and assign your own attractor points (ex: center points of circle) instead…

It’s perfect thank you

Never mine actually this is perfect thank you!!! i really appreciate it <3