3 D rendering needed for 3 cabinets

Hi there! I need a 3 D rendering for 3 bathroom vanities.

I attached the pdf and 2 dxf files.

Can you please send me an estimate and perhaps an example of your work.

Many thanks!

Doc - May 12, 2015, 10-34.pdf (311.9 KB) modern with angle.dxf (57.0 KB) asian sink.dwg (23.6 KB)

Hi ildiko,
Are you still needing this service? I charge 15$/hr. and I would guess that it would take me around 8 hours as the drawings seem fairly simple. So the total would be around $120. I might ask for a few more dimensions on the “Asian Sink” and “Modern with Angle” vanities. I can send watermarked samples as I’m working to ensure that I am producing the renderings and models that you are seeking.

A gallery of some of my models can be found on my website:

Here is a model from my most recent internship: