3-D Printing with 6-axis Robots

I work with Universal Robots 6-axis collaborative robots and have been hearing about using Rhinoceros 3D, along with some additional software, to turn the arm into a 3-D printer. I have seen videos of Kuka 6-axis arms printing with help of another software, so I know it is possible, but I was hoping someone could link me to information about doing this with Rhinoceros 3D and preferably a Universal Robots arm.

Rhino has a plugin called Grasshopper that some folks have used to operate robots. Search for:

“rhino grasshopper robot” on your favorite search engine.

I did find a video that was very useful. I am still hoping to find a video or some literature specifically about using rhino/grasshopper to 3-D print using a robotic arm. If anyone has anything else to add with that I would appreciate it.