2D silhouette lines only 50% there?

Hey rhino 6

Your2-D drawing silhouette command in the latest version of R6 doesnt seem to work-
half the lines are missing- I have tried on many different files and the same result.

Cheers J

Hello - without an example, it is impossible to know, but you might try making the file tolerance 10X smaller and see how that influences the results.


Hey Pascal

Please see attached example- its very basic but as you can see silhoutte lines are missing and incorrectbasic example.3dm (284.6 KB)

Hello- Ok- I see - the curves are all there as far as I can see, but some are not also added as silhouette curves. Thanks, I see the same problem in V7.

RH-59685 Curves missing from Scene Silhouette


I use this a huge amount as I do instructions manuals. How can it work one day then just not the next. Is it worth reloading Rhino or is this a classic bug?
Thanks for you assistance Pascal

Hello Guys

I have the same problem but on Mac…

Has this been fixed since?

Nope nothing- Its been in the bug fix list for a long time