2D Image stack to interpolated 3D model?

Hey all, I have some 2D top-down pictures of a structure that we sliced at regular intervals. I would really like to be able to interpolate the porosity that we see in the structure between layers and create a 3D model out of it. Is this possible? I have so far been able to put the 2D pictures in and have outlined the porosity, but I would like to have a way to connect the layers.

Thanks for any input or ideas!

Hi Hannah - a qualified yes… a lot depends upon the complexity of the underlying shape - in some cases you can use the slices directly but in other cases, much more numerous I would say, you’ll need to use the slices as reference and build new curves and surfaces that make sense for the shape.


Does Rhino have a command that can interpolate between two points?

Hi Hannah - that would be a line - but InterpCrv will interpolate a series of points. Is that what you mean?


Yes, thank you! I will play around with it a bit.

For sure it is possible with grasshopper and isosurfacing

Hi Hannah - depending on the specific application and available images, you could also take a look at https://rhino3dmedical.com/