2D DXF to Rhino 4


I have Rhino 4 and some 2D .dxf drawings made in AutoCAD that I need to use to make 3D models. I can’t just simply trace over top them. It has to match 100% in every way. I need to do this about 20 times, so it needs to be something sustainable.

I have used AutoCAD for years…so much so that I have found Rhino difficult to pick up. I can draw and model simple things, but have yet to be able to get exact accurate curves that match my DXF 100%.

I think if I could get some help getting these started, I would be able to use it more. Eventually these would become 3D models headed to CAM and then to a CNC, hence the absolute accuracy needed.

What’s the best method for doing this?

Any help appreciated!!


(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Dan- are you saying that the dxf curves are not usable to model from in Rhino for some reason? Are they polylines representing smooth curves, or are these 2d views of 3d objects? Can you post or send us (tech@mcneel.com) an example?



I sent an email, Pascal. These are true 2D drawings - old school. Lines, arcs, circles.

(Pascal Golay) #4

Hi Dan- the dwg files open cleanly in Rhino and as far as I can see you can go ahead and use the curves pretty much as-is to build from.