2D .dxf projection from .stl file

I am making 2D projections for CNC toolpaths from .stl files. I am doing this in OpenSCAD where the parts were made, but for some reason it is not working with this certain part. In Rhino, is there a good way to slice a .stl at a given Z height and make a 2D .dxf from that info? here is the file in question:
bubble_sort 0.9.5 lid.stl (2.8 MB)

You can try Section on your imported STL and draw a horizontal line in the Front viewport at the right Z height. That will give you a 2D section through the mesh which you can export as .stl.

Edit - in looking at your file however, seeing is it is all mechanical, I would completely redraw the part using precise geometry (lines, arcs, circles) instead of trying to section a mesh part, which will result in imprecise faceted representations of your circular holes and edges.

HTH, --Mitch

Imported STL files make faceted meshes.
If you use Section to cut through the mesh as Mitch suggests, then your curves will be faceted too.

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good point!

Thanks. Yea, I am leaning that way, redraw in Rhino.